27 December 2010

1/72 German Winter Figures and Vehicles

Some painted Caesar German infantry in Winter gear and whitewashed German tanks.

Two King Tigers. The one on the right is an old Hasegawa model and on the left a repainted Altaya die-cast model.

A Revell Panzer IV with sideskirts and a Revell Tiger both in Winter cammo.

18 November 2010

Matchbox 1/76 LRDG Chevrolet

Matchbox LRDG Chevrolet dating from the seventies, it actually had "Made in England" stamped on the diorama base.

11 November 2010

WW2 History book with 1/72 scale pictures by Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas, a veteran 20mm gamer and modeler from Oregon (US) told me some time ago that he was working on a history book illustrating scenes and information related to some of the most important battles of WW2 using 1/72 scale models, figures and scenery.

The book should now be finished maybe sometime late this year and he has some sample pictures from his book on the web, some of which can be seen below :




You can read some sample excerpts and see some more pictures from Mark's forthcoming book as posted by veteran 1/72 scale gamer and modeler David Reasoner on the Command Decision Test of Battle Forum on the following links

Chapter 2: Poland, Sept. 1939

Chapter 3: Talvisota, War Within A War

Chapter 4: France, May 1940

Chapter 5: Deutsches AFRIKAKORPS, 1941

10 October 2010

Fictional battle of the Tavronitis Bridge by Dave Hall

Some more photos from Dave Hall from Albuquerque who writes

"Here are some photos of fictional battle of the Tavronitis Bridge. Again these are based on my rules. The figures are Airfix, Orion, SHQ and ESCI. Please take note of the SHQ motorcycles and 2.8cm.

Dave Hall


05 October 2010

DAK - Work in Progress - Carlos (Brazo de Nelson Wargame Club)

I took some pictures last week of some 1/72 scale DAK stuff my mate Carlos has on the go when we met up at the shop where we usually game.

Repainted Altaya PzIIs

Repainted Altaya PzIVs

New Italeri Fast-Build Kubels + "Passengers"

Italeri DAK with head-swaps

Pegasus "German" Trucks

HaT German HMG Team conversions

Bunch of finished squads

Italeri Panzerjäger

19 September 2010

WW2 US & Japanese Pacific Wargame Units by Dave Hall (USA)

I was sent these photos to add to the blog by Dave Hall from the States.

Dave based these troops for his own rules, which he will be publishing in a book he's writing on World War Two in the very near future.

The shots are of a platoon of US Marines, both ESCI and Revell, while the Japanese are from Waterloo 1815 and ESCI.

14 July 2010

Fujimi Normandy Tiger I

I "inherited" this tank, along with quite a few other 20mm gems, from a member of our wargame club, Alberto Beneitez, when he moved away a couple of years back.

It's a Fujimi 1/76 kit and has made a few appearances in various games, and in its day it valiently played the part of Michael Wittman, merrily blasting holes in the British 7th Armoured Division's tanks.

10 June 2010

UM Models SU-76

UM Models SU-76 by Iván Cáceres

24 May 2010

Altaya Sd.Kfz. 251/1 Ausf.D

Three Altaya German half-tracks, repainted by Carlos de la Concha.

Trumpeter Stug III

03 May 2010

Russian BT-5

By Iván Cáceres, BT-5s from UM Models

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