WW2 History book with 1/72 scale pictures by Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas, a veteran 20mm gamer and modeler from Oregon (US) told me some time ago that he was working on a history book illustrating scenes and information related to some of the most important battles of WW2 using 1/72 scale models, figures and scenery.

The book should now be finished maybe sometime late this year and he has some sample pictures from his book on the web, some of which can be seen below :




You can read some sample excerpts and see some more pictures from Mark's forthcoming book as posted by veteran 1/72 scale gamer and modeler David Reasoner on the Command Decision Test of Battle Forum on the following links

Chapter 2: Poland, Sept. 1939

Chapter 3: Talvisota, War Within A War

Chapter 4: France, May 1940

Chapter 5: Deutsches AFRIKAKORPS, 1941


  1. Wow !
    It's a great idea !! and very beautiful...
    i imagine so many models and scenery... :)))))))))) really nice pictures.

    but i must say something, i have taken a look all pictures, and i think explosions are better modelled for example in this site, or at http://wargamestenerife.blogspot.com/, as sure you know ! (i think)

    Best Regards.

    pd, i'm carefully looking your "Landing Craft" pictures, i have some landing crafts waiting here... :)

  2. Great stuff...very encouraging to know a book is coming out on the subject from the USA. It can be a desert over here. This work is similiar to Guy DeLillio's Operation Market Garden. I look forward to buying the book!!


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