21 February 2011

Guest Gallery - Dave Hall

Some photos I was kindly sent for the blog by Dave Hall from the States.

Hi John

Here a few pictures from my game back in October at the Rio Grande Wars convention in the American Southwest. I play tested a simple scenario for my new rules which are set to come out in the Spring. The figures are plastic, mostly ESCI, Italeri and Orion. Please ignore the Panzerfausts. Those units were used as light machine gun teams.

Dave Hall

Here are a few recognizable Hasegawa trucks, a Starter Toyota GB and a Fuel Isuzu TX-40.

There were pretty simple conversions.  I used Evergreen Scale Models, Sheet Styrene with 2.0mm spacing V-Groove for the truck beds.

The Toyota is the smaller of the two vehicles.  Each could be said to hold a squad of infantry.  The Isuzu's canvas cover is a modified one from a Pegasus American 6 Ton.  I just cut the back end off to fit the length of the bed.  Both are pretty easy kits, but I would probably stick with the Isuzu as a primary truck transport.

For any experts on Japanese trucks, the beds are a little rudimentary in design but there are few pictures out on the internet to work off of and I opted for the wargamer's choice!

Keeping it simple


Dave Hall

Dave Hall from Albuquerque New Mexico sent me some nice pictures of some 20mm SCW troops and conversions which can be seen below

I have begun working on converting my World War Two rules over to the Spanish Civil War. The following pictures are from my ‘work bench,’ really a kitchen counter. They are 1/72 scale. The figures include some metal ones from Historical Products Company, BUM, and HaT. I use HaT Austrian WW1 for Republican Spanish Infantry. I used HaT FT-17’s for early war armor, as the Spanish did have a few purchased from Poland. There are very few plastic SCW figures and much has to be retooled into the period. I have used Airfix; WW1 French, Cesar; WW2 French and Partisans and others. BUM tries to have a plastic line, but it is hard to get and not all it is that great. Having said that, there are a few treasures like the artillery and crew are one such example. (See below.) More can be seen at

Dave in Albuquerque, New Mexico

You can see more of Dave's work and his book on miniature wargaming on the following link


  1. New content! Good to see you are still around and about. Loking forard to seeing more. Has that dropship been blooded yet?

  2. New content! Good to see you are still around and about. Looking forward to seeing more. Has that dropship been blooded yet?

  3. They shall not pass!!!
    Great work from your friend John!

  4. No the dropship is still floating around in space unfortunately. I need to get back on track with the figures needed to get it in a scenario.

  5. good to see some new bits and peices

    well done John



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