Being "Boer"-ing

As I flit from one project to yet another, a picture of some figures I started painting last night, Stelets Boers.

They have chunky and exaggerated poses, but on the plus side every single figure has a different pose.

The picture is a little grainy as I took it with a mobile phone camera.

You can see a full review of the figures on the excellent Plastic Soldier Review website

New Nappies - RobH

As a follow on to a skirmish scenario we gamed with some of our regular wargame buddies a couple of weeks ago (, our mate Rob brought some very nice freshly painted 1/72 Italeri Napoleonic British he's just finished.

Italeri British 95th Regiment

Italeri British Infantry 1815

Pegasus Germans in Cammo Smocks - by Juan Reyes

These Pegasus figures with Oakleaf cammo smocks were painted by Juan Reyes who just passed them on to me to finish off the bases.

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