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05 February 2012

Italeri German Motorcycles and Sidecars

The big car in the background is a Hasegawa Mercedes that I rescued from a pile of old kits in a box and found a nice canvas roof from the spares box that fitted perfectly. After taking this photo, I've realised that the paint on one of the wheels has either chipped off, or I missed that bit when painting :-(

I changed a few heads to give them all helmets and I'll be using them for the 1940 campaign in France - The uniforms are all wrong, but no-one will notice too much (hopefully) painted in Field-Grey uniforms with Panzer Grey bikes and sidecars.

The figure with the binoculars has a helmet grafted on from the accessories that come with the Revell German 105mm Gun & Crew.

23 September 2011

New Nappies - RobH

As a follow on to a skirmish scenario we gamed with some of our regular wargame buddies a couple of weeks ago (, our mate Rob brought some very nice freshly painted 1/72 Italeri Napoleonic British he's just finished.

Italeri British 95th Regiment

Italeri British Infantry 1815

24 February 2011

On the workbench - WW2 Russian Infantry Conversions

Last week I got a two new sets of the new "made in UK" Plastic Soldier Russian and German Infantry. The plastic is nice to work with, hard styrene which is glueable, and cuts easily and can easily be trimmed and sanded.

You can see some of the Russian infantry here with new heads, mixed with Esci and Revell figures for some Russian squads I'm putting together. With the smaller heads the poses mix well with the other Esci and Revell figures.

The heads etc., are just dry-tested / stuck on with a bit of blu-tac, I'll get around to pinning them sometime over the weekend.

Some of the brave figures who donated their heads to the Great Patriotic Cause....

05 October 2010

DAK - Work in Progress - Carlos (Brazo de Nelson Wargame Club)

I took some pictures last week of some 1/72 scale DAK stuff my mate Carlos has on the go when we met up at the shop where we usually game.

Repainted Altaya PzIIs

Repainted Altaya PzIVs

New Italeri Fast-Build Kubels + "Passengers"

Italeri DAK with head-swaps

Pegasus "German" Trucks

HaT German HMG Team conversions

Bunch of finished squads

Italeri Panzerjäger

17 November 2009

Italeri Jagdpanzer IV SdKfz.162

Italeri, apart from steadily re-issuing the old Esci 1/72 range of kits, has also embarked on producing their own new line of quality 20mm kits too, such as the Jagdpanzer IV below which was built and painted by Carlos de la Concha from the Brazo de Nelson wargame group.

16 September 2009

Italeri Sd.Kfz 234/3 "Stummel"

Another of the new Italeri kits, an Sdk.Kfz 234/3 built and painted by Carlos de la Concha from the Brazo de Nelson wargame group.

04 May 2009

Italeri DAK

Some pictures of figures from the new Italeri set, painted by Carlos de la Concha.

Very nice new additions to our club's WWII Afrika Korp wargame forces

01 May 2009

1/72 Scale Italeri Coastal Defense Bunker

Italeri 1/72 Scale Coastal Defence Bunkers.

Nice solid models that paint up really well.

These were made and painted by Carlos de Concha from the Tenerife Brazo de Nelson Wargames Club.

26 January 2009


Esci (now Italeri) NATO Pilots and Ground Crew.

Also a Revell Deutsches Kommando Spezialkräfte - better known as the KSK - hidden in amongst the figures there.

Hasegawa NATO Pilots 

Matchbox 1980s British Paras

12 December 2008

Italeri 1-72 scale ZIS Anti-Tank Gun and Crew

The ground is painted for Winter. In retrospect, the gunshield would look better painted with a whitewash.

The crew figures are a joy to paint, full of detail and convincing poses, albeit a little on the large side. They make Airfix 1/76 scale Russians look like scrawny juveniles.

01 December 2008

Italeri Sd.Kfz 11 & Kübelwagen

A couple of 1/72 scale items built and painted by Juan Reyes, a member of our wargame club here in Tenerife "El Brazo de Nelson".

Italeri Sd.Kfz 11 & Kübelwagen

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