10 October 2010

Fictional battle of the Tavronitis Bridge by Dave Hall

Some more photos from Dave Hall from Albuquerque who writes

"Here are some photos of fictional battle of the Tavronitis Bridge. Again these are based on my rules. The figures are Airfix, Orion, SHQ and ESCI. Please take note of the SHQ motorcycles and 2.8cm.

Dave Hall


05 October 2010

DAK - Work in Progress - Carlos (Brazo de Nelson Wargame Club)

I took some pictures last week of some 1/72 scale DAK stuff my mate Carlos has on the go when we met up at the shop where we usually game.

Repainted Altaya PzIIs

Repainted Altaya PzIVs

New Italeri Fast-Build Kubels + "Passengers"

Italeri DAK with head-swaps

Pegasus "German" Trucks

HaT German HMG Team conversions

Bunch of finished squads

Italeri Panzerjäger