18 November 2013

Toy Tree Upgrade

I've had these toy trees in a box since last year, just before Christmas, when I got them in a department store where they were selling shiny plastic plants and trees for Nativity scenes.

As I'd been working on some other scenery stuff over the weekend, and after seeing that the shops are stocking up again on Nativity scene stuff, I remembered I had these hidden away and so I dug them out of their box.

The trunks and branch structure are basically really good.

The only things that needed changing are the radioactive green shiny plastic leaves.

I gave the trunks a drybrush and added some dark foam foliage.

They just need the bases flocking and they'll be finished.

26 October 2013

Plastic Soldier Company Russians with new heads

I started these conversions more than a year ago, and got distracted
(don't we all ...), but finally they're finished, ...at last.

I changed the heads on these PSC figures for heads from Italeri and
Esci Russians.

Not really all that necessary if you're going to use just the PSC
figures in squads on their own but as I wanted to mix them with my
Esci / Italeri / Revell / Pegasus Russians, their heads were oversized
compared to the other brands.

Nicely sculpted figures in a hard-softish GW type styrene plastic
that's easy to trim, file and glue.

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#PSC, #Russian Infantry

18 October 2013

Armourfast StuG III

We got together on Wednesday evening with our wargame group "El Brazo de Nelson" for a quick game and we got to use for the first time these two Armourfast 1/72 scale quick-build StuG IIIs that were built and painted by Carlos de la Concha.

Lovely models, unfortunately they were under my command and with my notoriously bad dice throwing skills they couldn't hit a barn door during the whole of the game.

15 October 2013

Elevator shoes

I'm finishing off a bunch of HaT / Waterloo 1815 Italian Infantry at
El Alamein but I'm not too keen on the officer figure that comes in
the set so I've decided to replace him with the stylish officer figure
from the Airfix WW2 Italian Infantry set.

One problem though, at 1/76 scale he's too small and his 1/72 scale
subordinates tower over him so he's been made to look taller by
sticking some padding under his feet.

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13 October 2013

HaT WWI British Artillery Crew

A quick post of some HaT WW1 British artillery crewmen that have just been finished.

Also added a comparison picture with some Emhar figures and an old Airfix 13pdr Gun from the RHA set.

10 October 2013

Altaya Sahariana

This is an Altaya Sahariana currently on the workbench that was given to me by my good pal Carlos.

The Waterloo 1815 Italian drivers he stuck in there look really cool.

This is a first test post I'm uploading by email from my mobile.

So if you are reading this and can see the image ok, then it has worked !

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14 July 2013

Arnhem campaign #1: Recon rescue - Disposable Heroes Rules

Well, here we go again with the Arnhem campaign with Ironivan Disposable Heroes.

Set on September 27, 1944 when the British reconnaissance squadron, commanded by Major Freddie Cough, began to move towards the Arnhem bridge. His orders were to get ahead of the infantry and take the bridge in a surprise attack, but when they advanced they fell under the fire of an SS Training Battalion. The Major was killed by machine-gun fire and the soldiers who accompanied him were wounded. The British objectives are to rescue the wounded and destroy the enemy machine guns, while the German objective is to maintain their troops in good order and destroy the largest number of British units.

The battlefield :

The wounded para next to his overturned jeep in the centre of the table

British paras in jeeps roar onto the table to rescue their wounded comrade.

German troops open fire from the cover of light woods

We've got him ! Let's get out of here !

German snipers take aim

Meanwhile a British light mortar fires into the woods at the Germans to cover the retreat.

The Brits finally manage to evacuate their wounded comrade, although they have suffered various casualties in the process.

27 May 2013

More 1/72 Post Apocalyptic Madness

Some more pictures of the "post-apoc" figure conversions I started off some months ago.

(LINK 1) (LINK 2)

I'm pleased with the way the head-swaps have worked out on the modern figures.

They are mostly Caesar with a few Revell moderns thrown in (US and Germans if I remember rightly) and the majority of the head swaps with caps coming off Imex Korean War figures and a few Revell DAK.

The bearded long-haired para-military guy above is an Orion modern-Russian with a head taken from an Emhar Viking oarsman.
Comments and / or suggestions are more than welcome.

Cheers, John

19 April 2013

1/72 Sci-Fi / Near Future / Post Apocalyptic

Following on from the previous post in November (LINK), a couple of pictures of some completed "1/72 sci-fi / near-future" figure conversions.

A "Mad-Max" type punk-rocker sporting a colourful mohican haircut

The head came off an Esci WW2 Paratrooper.

 The Law - Police / Military / Control-Troopers. 

The riot-helmets with visors are heads taken from the Revell German KSK

26 March 2013

Italian Infantry Support Group In Progress

A box full of Italians on the go right now and they need a few 47mm guns - which I don't have.

What I do have though are two very old Hasegawa US 37mm guns, plus an unmade one which should (I'm hoping) make some fairly good substitutes for a "Cannone da 47/32"

Inspiration came from a photo from an old Airfix article by Gerald Scarborough.

Two of the ex-Hasegawa US 37mm guns now based and the third unmade kit has now been put together to represent a towed weapon.

The guns, minus their breech blocks, now need painting up. I also need to put together a suitable crew.

I have no Italians with mortars or heavy machine guns but this was solved with some head swaps - a mortar figure from the Esci WW2 French Infantry set, a crouching Esci WW2 US infantry figure and two figures from the Waterloo 1815 Japanese Infantry set.

The Japanse HMG is "supposed" to represent a Breda M37. It's not perfect but it's not too bad either once painted up and when I've got the bases flocked it shouldn't be to obvious.

And some of the Italian figures that are currently WIP.

21 March 2013

S-Models Italian L3/33 Tanquette

A few shots of the 1:72 scale S-Models Italian L3/33 tanquette by Carlos de la Concha from the Brazo de Nelson Wargames Club.

These are for a small Italian / Commonwealth campaign in North Africa that our gamemaster Iván Cáceres has put together for our wargaming group.

18 March 2013

Modern Conflicts - FUBAR in 1/72

Fotos de una partida el pasado viernes por la tarde-noche.
Se trataba de una partida multi-jugador con 6 facciones distintas, estilo "Ambush Alley".
En mitad de una guerra entre varias facciones en algún país lejano, un pelotón de soldados italianos bajo el mando de las Naciones Unidas ha llevado un rescate con 50 millones de dólares a un punto de encuentro en las afueras de la ciudad.
En medio su trayecto para entregar el rescate al grupo que tiene a dos pilotos aliados retenidos, han tropezado con una de las múltiples facciones que están luchando entre sí. Además, todas estas facciones están luchando contra cualquier tropa extranjera.

Su vehículo, un VAB, ha sido completamente inmovilizado.

De los 6 jugadores, un jugador controlaba a los cascos azules italianos alrededor del VAB, y los demás llevaba cada uno un pelotón con una misión distinta ; algunos pendientes del rescate de los pilotos, otros del millón de dólares, y los insurgentes pendientes de machacar a cualquier soldado extranjero que se moviera por sus calles.

Entre los mercenarios, italianos, legionarios franceses, fuerzas especiales estadounidenses y alemanes, e insurgentes luchando entre sí, y disparando contra todo dios,se repartió bastante leña durante la partida.

Utilizamos unas reglas muy sencillas, rápidas y muy eficaces que se llaman "FUBAR" - 


Un VAB inutilizado arde en medio de la plaza central. Su tripulación intenta agruparse y defenderse contra los insurentes en los alrededores.

Un grupo de mercenarios se dirige a la plaza con una misión especial, robar el rescate a los italianos

Soldados alemanes de las fuerzas multinacionales revisan la situación antes de emprender su misión - parar a los mercenarios.

Los americanos de las fuerzas especiales con dos intérpretes locales armados entran en la ciudad - su misión, localizar a los pilotos retenidos y sacarlos de ahí.

Un breve encuentro entre los italianos y los alemanes

Los legionarios cascos azules entran en la ciudad, tratando de esquivar las facciones armadas para llegar a la plaza central y ayudar a salir a los otros cascos azules y los 50 millones de dólares.

Los cascos azules logran finalmente salir de la ciudad, los alemanes consiguieron localizar a los mercenarios y se libró una batalla dura, mientras los estadounidenses localizaron a los dos pilotos. Todos los jugadores tenían el problema adicional de sufrir los efectos del fuego constante de los insurgentes en los alrededores.

English version to follow soon.