07 May 2019

On the workbench

Some pictures of things currently on the workbench at present, all US Ardennes campaign related stuff.

A few old Shermans for repair + various Esci / Italeri / Revell sprues that have been sitting in a box for years waiting to be assembled. Even an old set of resin sandbag protections that have been added to an Armourfast Sherman.

Final flocking on the bases of some new US troops. Vintage Matchox, old Revell and some new Italeri.

An armoured Jeep. This is an S-Models kit. I don't really like photo-etch, I thought this kit came with the shield made out of plastic so I was disappointed that it came in flimsy brass. My mate Carlos offered to make it for me however, (good stuff Carlos)

The Stuart is another S-Models kit and the Greyhound next to it is a die-cast that needs weathering.

Finally, a last photo showing the size differences between an old Matchbox 1/76 figure compared to Revel and Italeri G.I.s 

The Italeri fellas are heculean in comparison.


  1. Hello John,
    Good luck, you have a lot of work ahead, but your next game will be even better than the last you did.. II have a lot of kits halfway done...How do you do to paint the die-cast models? Apart from weathering, is it possible to repaint them? I think I do it once with airbrush and the paint didn´t fix very well...

    1. Thanks Antonio. I usually give the die-casts a wash with detergent and a soft toothbrush first, and then give them light coat of Army Painter matt varnish and paint / weather over that with Vallejo acrylics

    2. Thanks John. I will tray on that way!

  2. Nice work with the American GIs - I particularly like the work you did on the Revel, much better than their almost all green look on the box art

    1. Thanks a lot Geordie.I have t admit that the first time I painted figures from that Revell set was when the first came out, sometime in the 90s, and I painted them all Humbrol green 😆 lol


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